Activating the Didactic, Self-Reflective Fairytale through Hypermedia as a Model for the Art Education Activist


The struggle for meaning, reflection, and self-understanding is an important process of human development. Throughout human history didactic art – art wherein the central purpose is to instruct the viewer – has been developed to aid this human function. Focusing primarily on the didactic art of fairytales, however, one can see that the dominant role of reflection and self-understanding is lost in contemporary translation. The role of the viewer/reader of the fairytale, contemporarily, has been switched from one of inner reflection to that of passive absorption. This thesis project will argue that reflection and self-understanding (on the part of the viewer) can best be restored to the fairytale through the use of hypermedia, as well as the artist adopting an art-activist approach to art production.

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The following is a chronological outline of the Adobe Flash, hypermedia, QuickTime VR, and visual work conducted while pursuing my Master of Arts:

Lauch Thesis Model
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